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I believe …

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This is the entire Romione fandom right now… just a guess.

The Queen Speaks: (x)

5 minutes later:

lol Oh My God

This is hilarious. Seriously, they all need to chillax.

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endless list of otps [in no particular order]10. Sir Guy & Lady Marian (Robin Hood BBC)

I will always believe that there’s a chance for you and me.”

To drive home my point that Richard Armitage would make a fantastic Snape, I want all my fellow Snamione shippers to imagine this gif set as Severus and Hermione.

So, I don’t care if Jo said it or not.

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My ships don’t depend on what was canon. My ships depend on how I feel about two characters, they have never depended on the author. I’m used to the feeling. It doesn’t change a damn thing.

And she can’t go back and change anything, so if you ship Romione, it’s still canon. It is what it is.

She can change how she feels, it happens to everyone, people grow. She’s an amazing creative woman, but she’s not god. Her feelings don’t have an impact on yours unless you let them. She’s not your BFF, you can have different opinions.

So, ship Romione, Dramione, Snamione, Harmony, or Hermione/Giant Squid. SHIP WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY. And nothing that gets said by anyone should change that.



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Artist : Elly

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Artist : Elly


Severus and Hermione. Love love love this.

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Severus and Hermione. Love love love this.

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Snape + Hermione AU

Hermione accidentally goes back in time to the Marauder Era.

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HP AU - Snape faked his death and went into hiding. Hermione is the only one who knows.

Part 1

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New “Snamione” Buttons!!

Do you love all things Snape/Hermione!! Be proud! Because IT IS one of the most awesome ships ever!!!

See it here!


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This is not a drill!!!

Jo Rowling herself, our Queen JK has just revealed that Hermione should NOT have ended up with Ron

Most of this ships supporters are in agreement that Ron was a wrong match and now JK herself has said so.

She said they would need relationship counseling - counseling!!

Omg lol this is so exciting for me because it means MY LOGIC FOR THIS SHIP WORKING HAS MERIT. IT COULD ACTUALLY MAKE SENSE!

That’s all.

I seen so many Romione shippers be so ANGRY about it. I find I don’t care a whole lot. Yes, I do not think Ron and Hermione are a good match, but I feel similar about Harry and Hermione.